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Automatic gearbox flush and refill


automatic gearbox flush and refill


Most manufacturers now consider their Automatic transmission fluid to be "lifetime oil" unfortunately the oil still degrades over time and should be changed.

By draining and refilling you can leave up-to 70% of the total fluid inside the torque converter, Valve body and cooler lines!?

Here at car care tetbury we have a gearbox fluid flushing machine which changes up-to 98% of the oil within your automatic transmission.

So if you are experiencing one or more of the following problems this may be what you need.

  • Poor Shifting (shunting into gears)
  • Gear Slip
  • Torque Converter Hunting (rpm needle fluctuates whilst driving at a steady speed)
  • Delay in engaging gears when the engine is cold


A gearbox flush should always be considered as a maintenance procedure but there have been cases where the transmission has been diagnosed as faulty and a good gearbox service has brought the vehicle back to a driveable state. But every vehicle is different and we cannot say the total outcome until the service has been carried out.



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